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Hiking in Vouliagmeni

Make the most of the explorer that dwells within us all and, with the Saronic Gulf at your feet to help guide you, wander freely over this nearly 300-acre park

Faskomilia Hill in Vouliagmeni got its name from the sage plants (the Greek word for “sage” is “faskomilo”) which are not quite as abundant as one would expect, but we come across more and more bunches of them as we hone our skills of observation.

It’s a quiet place with many different trails, which they don’t all connect. Now and then you will come across others who are also enjoying this little-known “balcony” to the Saronic.

The hill attracts runners and mountain-bikers, too, but most people come here for the amazing sea views. Looking down, we can see below the whole of the Lemos peninsula, the empty beaches, the calm waters of Lake Vouliagmeni, and the Saronic Gulf stretching out into the distance.

Access is relatively easy, and we recommend using the entrance from Argonafton Street, which leads to a small parking area and the start of a network of dirt pathways that branches out over the hill. Front desk will be happy to assist you with directions


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