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Pan-Asian delights by the pool

How do you like Pan-Asian cuisine?

If words like steaming dim sums, bao bans and buttermilk chicken make you salivate, then look no further, since one of the best Athens asian restaurants is set up in the coolest and most beautiful garden of the Athenian Riviera, our very own garden by the pool of Somewhere Athens.

For the second consecutive year in an already much talked about pop up project, celebrity chef Vassilis Kallidis brings his Pink Flamingo Downtown by the sea.

His remarkable creativity and energy, garnished with years of experience, astonishes every customer with a non-conventional menu, inspired by his travels in the Asian big cities and their urban street food culture.

In the evening the bamboo streamers and woks are on fire, the chef is cooking with his team and the friends are sharing everything on the table, just like Vassilis would do at home, offering you one by one exotic delicacies such as beef fillet with smoked eggplant and miso, lobster with coconut milk and lime and glass noodles with braised veal.

Awaken that foodie inside you with this enticing blend of flavours and innovative pairing cocktails that elevate the tastes and indulge in the sexy and lively vibe of the Pink Flamingo South!

Open Wed-Sat, from 20:30

For reservations, contact the front desk 2109670000 or though our website

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