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It's all about Art

An exceptional collection of Greek and international contemporary art has been especially curated for Somewhere Vouliagmeni by the gallery The Art Dose and Mrs Niki Kapopoulou, the moving force behind the well known name of Kapopoulos Fine Arts.

Niki Kapopoulou has a rich background in Arts. She grew up in an environment in which she had constant contact with art due to the fact that her parents, Vangelis & Marina Kapopoulou, are active in the field of art as founders of Kapopoulos Fine Arts. As she puts it, "I learned to appreciate art and artists more, to really love the gift of art and the value of investing in works of art."

Her vision and taste is the reason that we decided to bring The Art Dose in our dedicated space and to fulfil our guests desire to offer a special gift to their loved ones.

Here you will find completely unique art objects that do not exist anywhere else and have been created especially for The Art Dose, that even bear their names engraved by emerging Greek and international artists such as: Alekos Fasianos, Hawini, Benjamin Spark, Alexopoulos and many more

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